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Insurance Coverage

When planning your move, you have to make sure that the moving company you choose is insured and licensed to conduct the moving activities in the State of California. There are a lot of movers that advertise their services. Unfortunately, many of them are not licensed to move your household goods. Using the company that is not licensed and, as a result, not insured (only properly licensed companies can procure and maintain the required insurance coverage in the State of California), can result in the personal injury or property damage that you will be responsible for.


A moving company with an appropriate insurance coverage will cover you for many risks far beyond possible damage caused to your belongings.


As an example, when movers work on your property, should any of them be injured, the licensed and insured moving company will protect you from the potential liability arising from such injury.


Similarly, should yours or your landlord property be damaged during the move, the licensed moving company with an appropriate insurance coverage will offer an appropriate coverage for your losses.


The property being moved is also covered by a special coverage often referred to as valuation. This coverage is a more complex one and you, the Customer, have many choices when it comes to valuation and moving insurance to protect your belongings. You can learn more about your options following this link.


Do I need a Certificate of Insurance?


If you are moving an office, an apartment or a condominium building, you might need something called a Certificate of Insurance. Before your move, it is best to ask your building manager if this is required. We are happy to provide you with one. Just give us a call.

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