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Choosing a Mover

When choosing a moving company for your upcoming move, you have to first get as much information about the companies you are choosing from as possible. Here are some important criteria’s to use in your evaluation:

Are they fully licensed and insured?

Moving companies moving you within the state of California (intrastate moving) should have state license issued by the California Public Utilities Commission. You can search a PUC database for their “Cal T” or license number. The same database will tell you whether the company has a current insurance to protect your home form damages and a workers compensation insurance to protect you from liabilities associated with risks of injuries inside your home. Never use the company without the license and insurance.

If you are moving across the state lines, make sure the carrier you are considering has a valid DOT number issued by the US Department of Transportation.

Are they rated by BBB, What do their Yelp reviews look like?

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a private, non-profit organization that monitors businesses and rates them on a scale from “F” to “A+” based on their practices. They are a well-known and widespread organization that consumers can trust when searching for a moving company. It’s important to check your moving company’s rating and how long they have had their rating.

Yelp is a private rating company where consumers themselves can rate their experience with any company. Yelp is known for their unbiased, unfiltered reviews and honest ranking system. Check out your choices and see how they stack up.

What is the cancellation policy?

Some moving companies collect the deposit when you make the reservation. This deposit may not be fully refundable should you need to cancel.

Do they offer FREE local in-home estimates?

It is a sign of a solid company when they offer you a FREE in-home estimate. This means they are not afraid to invest their money in learning more about your needs and their price will likely be more honest reflection of what your move will cost. A moving company shouldn’t charge you for the privilege of possibly earning your business. A free on-site estimate is your chance to meet someone from the moving company in person prior to the day of the move. It’s a chance for you to get all your questions answered about your unique move. No two moves are identical, and the on-site estimate is your chance to learn exactly what is included in the price. Who really wants surprises on moving day? With accurate estimates, you can choose a moving company that’s the right fit for you.

Are the movers employees of the company or day laborers?

Often companies that are not licensed do not have their own employees as they do not have a worker’s compensation insurance. So, if the company employs the day laborers instead, you are placing yourself in a very risky position should you choose to work with them.

How will you be charged for travel time?

California Public Utilities Commission – a state agency governing the moving companies requires that the transportation between the origin and destination locations be charged using a double time formula for the moves performed on an hourly basis. Many companies, in an effort to collect more money, choose to charge fuel surcharges instead.

Do they listen? Do they ask questions?

Moving is never a one-size-fits-all deal. Shopping for the right moving company isn’t just about finding out the hourly rate of x-number of movers and a truck. It’s about having the moving company listen and learn about your exact move. A good moving company wants to hear all the details of your move. They will create a plan of action for moving day. Together you’ll decide the exact right number of skilled movers and the correct equipment needed. Find a moving company that will work with you to customize your move. A customized move saves you time and money.

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