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Full Service Storage – Storage Made Simple!

Full Service Storage simply put is a professional storage. This means that you pick up the phone and we pick up the rest. We manage pick up, storage and retrieval for you. All you have to do is schedule the pick-up and let us know what needs to be picked up. We’ll come get your items and store them in our secure, full service storage facility.

When you’re ready to get your items out of storage we’ll deliver them to your doorstep!

When you call our professional Moving Consultants will determine the details and customize a crew of professional movers to inventory, pack, move, and securely store your items.

 Full Service Storage Convenience

Our professional movers can often pack, move, and store your items in the same time it takes you to get the packing done. With years of experience we can efficiently complete the job in a fraction of the time it takes to do yourself.

One of the greatest conveniences offered by our full service storage is an accurate inventory of your storage items. We maintain a detailed inventory of the items in storage, recording each item that is added to or removed from your account. Each item is labeled with a unique bar code label and scanned into our database.

When your items arrive at our facility, we place them inside the secure, breathable storage vaults. This adds an additional layer of security and protection for your belongings.

Our inventory control and management system allows us to know at any point which vault your belongings are in and where this vault is located within our warehouse.

 Full Service Storage Options

To offer you an added flexibility and convenience you can choose a shared or dedicated storage room for your items.

A shared storage allows you to save on the storage costs since you are paying only for the storage of your individual items only.

A dedicated storage affords you the convenience and security of the dedicated storage vault that houses your belongings only.

 Access to Your Stored Belongings.

When you wish to access your belongings, we ask you to reserve the time for access 24 hrs in advance. If you need help, we can provide a dedicated helper for $30/hr.

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