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Local Moving Hourly Rates

When you purchase a local move with us this move will be based on the hourly rates posted below:

2 movers + 1 truck = only  $155.00/hour

3 movers + 1 truck = only  $205.00/hour

4 movers + 1 truck = only  $255.00/hour

5 movers + 1 truck = only  $305.00/hour

6 movers + 1 truck = only  $395.00/hour

The above charges include a FREE use of the moving blankets and wardrobe boxes during the day of the move, all necessary moving equipment and tools as well as the packing tape.

All moves are subject to 4 hours minimum charge. An additional handling fee may be applicable for bulky and heavy items such as pool tables or pianos. Handling of such items requires a minimum crew size of 3 persons.

The charges begin as soon as our movers arrive at your place. All the required preparation work (such as preparing the house for the move, installing the protection for the floors, packing, etc.) are all considered a part of the moving process and are subject to the above hourly rates. The charges end when the truck is unloaded at your destination address and you are satisfied with the placement of all the items inside your new home.

According to the California Household Goods Carriers Act (as governed by the California Public Utilities Commission and their Max 4 Tariff), moving companies are required to charge double for the driving time between the origin and destination locations when the moves are performed on an hourly basis. This means that a 20-minute drive between the origin and destination will actually be charges will be charged as a 40 minutes. Should there be additional stops as a part of your move, all these will be reflected in the total moving time at the end of the move.

Call us if you have any questions about our rates or the moving process. We can give you a free quote with no obligation to buy. We want you to feel confident when choosing us to move your personal belongings.

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