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Personal or Residential Self-Storage

When people move often they need personal or residential self-storage. Sometimes it is just for few days; sometimes the need is more long term. People store items for a variety of reasons. You may need to reclaim space in your apartment. Maybe your new home isn’t ready. Maybe you’re downsizing or upgrading. Maybe you are expecting a newborn. Maybe you just want to keep some items out of the way for use at a later date. Maybe you want a safe storage facility while you take a business trip or you may need storage before you relocate to another state. Whatever the case, we offer services to accommodate your needs.Your storage needs are our needs whether long term or short.

If you need a temporary storage during your move, we are more than happy to offer our Storage In Transit service. Read more about the SIT service.

If you need are that of a term self-storage we can offer several options for you:

  • Self-storage – where you bring your belongings to us
  • Full Service Storage – this is a door-to-door storage service where we come to you, pick up your belongings, prepare them for storage and deliver to the facility where they will be stored
  • Box-n-Go Storage – this is a service that bring the storage units to you. This service is provided by our partner company Box-n-Go

Regardless what your need may be, when it comes to storage we offer the same customer centered approach to all the services we provide. Our storage facilities are operated by experts and offer unparalleled levels of security and convenience. Our location is very clean any ready to hold anything you need stored, easily accessible and centrally located.

Here are some highlights of the self-storage services that we offer:

1. The costs.

On average self-storage in Los Angeles and Orange County California area costs about $2.15 per sq.ft. per month. This means that an average 5 x 8 storage unit will run you $86 per month. Depending on the length of your storage stay with us you may be paying as little as $59 per month or as much as $74 per month for the same size unit. That’s 15% to 32% savings month after month. What’s more? Your price is guaranteed. The standard self-storage facility will raise your rent at least once a year. We will guarantee your price for as long as you stay with us.

2. Controlled environment.

Southern California has an average daily temperature above 85 degrees in July, August and September. In August, the historic average high in Los Angeles is 84.6. High temperatures and humidity can cause mold and mildew to thrive. If you’re considering storing items that are susceptible to mold and mildew during this period, storing them in the conventional concrete and steel self-storage units will result in damage to your belongings. The self-storage units that we offer are designed to be breathable. Their construction is specifically tailored for storing of household items and assuring the controlled environment without condensation, mold or mildew build up inside the unit.

3. Prices that are not affected by seasonal trends.

Southern California is home to many Colleges and Universities including California State University Los Angeles, Loyola Marymount University, Mount St. Marys College, The University Of California Los Angeles and The University Of Southern California, Pepperdine, UC Irvine, Cal Tech, Claremont Colleges and many, many others. College students often need storage during summer and winter breaks and can drive self-storage prices up during these seasons.

Unlike most every other self-storage facility we offer special student services. These storage services are designed specifically for students and do not affect our standard self-storage unit pricing.

4. Most popular unit size.

Numerous surveys show that the most popular self-storage unit size is 5 x 8. For that reason all of your units are sized 5 x 8. If you require more storage space, all you need to do is rent additional units. This modular concept allows you to pay only for the space you actually us for storage, saving you costs.

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