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Movers Los Angeles: 5 Simple Tips for an efficient moving day


Movers Los Angeles

Movers Los Angeles

Moving day in Los Angeles can be a strenuous and stressful event. There seems like there is not enough hours and so little time. However, most people stress out on moving day because they are not prepared. If you are planning to move soon or hire movers Los Angeles, here are 5 simple tips to ensure that you have a smooth moving day.

1. Hire yourLos Angeles movers  in advance– It can be tempting to hire movers In Los Angeles at the last minute, but that will only cause more stress and frustration for both you and your movers. As a rule of thumb, hire your professional movers at least two to four weeks before your big move. This way you can take care of any last minute details, and provide your movers with any additional information they may need for your moving day in Los Angeles.

2. Disassemble any furniture/electronics– While it may be the Los Angeles movers job to move your furniture, you can make it easier on your movers by helping them out. If you have any furniture, you can disassemble it, and place it in the proper boxes. If you have electronics, you can ensure that they are unplugged from the electrical outlets, and placed in the proper place until moving day.   Not only will you be speeding up the Los Angeles moving process, you will also be saving money since you are reducing the amount of time Los Angeles movers will be in your home.

3.Organize your boxes- It’s no secret that organization is the key to a successful moving day. Most likely, you will be packing a lot of miscellaneous items, china, knick nacks, bed sheets, jewelry and the list goes on.  It goes without saying that you should label every single box, and place the labels in a conspicuous place for easy retrieval.  It’s also a wise idea to have 1 or 2 boxes that have your everyday items stored. This way you can retrieve your items with ease until moving day. When moving day occurs, simply, pack your daily items in the box, label it and get it ready for your movers Los Angeles.

4. Discuss your concerns with your movers- It’s not uncommon to hear horror moving stories in Los Angeles and throughout California. This is why it’s imperative that you discuss how you want your moving experience to occur and how you want your movers to handle your belongings. Set up a time with your Los Angeles movers to confirm estimates, time frames, protection of our valuables and so on. On actual moving day, don’t be afraid to direct your movers to handle your items with extreme care. This way both you and your Los Angeles movers will know what to expect and can plan accordingly.

5. Take time to relax –  When it comes to moving , you probably want to get as much done as possible before you take time for yourself.  While, it’s important to be fast and efficient while moving, it can also take a toll on your health.  This is why it’s important to not stress out when you are moving. You can take time out to read an interesting book, get a massage at a nice Los Angeles Spa or have lunch with a friend.  An hour of your time is all you need, and then you can return to packing and getting everything ready for your movers Los Angeles.  Take care of  yourself, and let your movers in Los Angeles do all the heavy lifting for you.


Let our movers in Los Angeles assist you with all of our moving needs today!

If you follow these simple tips and work with your Los Angeles  movers to create a great moving experience, you will feel at ease. Whether you are moving in another area of Los Angeles or to another state, My Moving Guys and our professional movers can help you have an efficient moving day. Call us today and discover how  our movers can provide you with fast, reliable, and affordable moving services in Los Angeles!

Moving Companies Los Angeles: How to choose the right one for your needs!

Moving companies Los Angeles

Moving companies Los Angeles

There are many moving companies in Los Angeles, but how do you know how to choose the right moving company for your needs? Whether you are relocating out of state, moving to a new home in Los Angeles, or heading off to school, it’s important to make sure you hire a moving company that supports your needs.  But how do you know which of the movers in are right for you?  To determine which company is right for you, you can ask the following questions below?

  1. Does the company offer local and nationwide moving services?
  2. Is the company licensed and insured?
  3. Do the movers supply me with all the equipment I need to move?
  4. Does the company offer more than just moving services?
  5. How long has the company been in business?
  6. Do they have an asset protection plan to protect my home and belongings during the move?
  7. Does the company offer hourly or fixed pricing?
  8. Can they store my items in a local storage facility?
  9. Can they come to my home and provide me with a free estimate?
  10.  Do the movers undergo a rigorous background check and screening process?

While there are many moving companies in Los Angeles, you want to choose a company that offers more than just moving services. Some moving companies in Los Angeles offer the following services to make your move an effortless process:

  • Self and full service storage – If you are moving across country and need to store some of your items, you can place your items in temporary or long term storage.
  • Loading services – Sometimes it can be an onerous task to pack and load, and unload your belongings. This is why some companies offer loading services. This way all you have to do is pack your belongings and the moving company will take your belongings in out of your storage container and load them for you.
  • Long distance moving – If you need to move across the country, some moving companies offer long distance moving. You are not only limited to moving within Los Angeles. There are some movers that offer moving services based on weight, and there are some that offer small moves, with guaranteed pricing. This way you have a fixed price and don’t have to worry about paying extra for the weight of your belongings.
  • Dorm student summer storage and moving – There are some companies that also cater to college students. Some have specialized services where they cans store college students possessions over the summer and charge a small fee per each cardboard box they store.

Whether you are relocating, need loading services, or need to store your belongings in a safe and secure place, you can rest assured that our moving company can provide you with everything you need to have a pleasant moving experience. Call My Moving Guys at 1(855) – 603-6683 and request a FREE estimate today!

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