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We understand that every move has its own set of circumstances and the requirements and needs vary greatly from one customer to the next. This is why we have developed several different, flexible storage options to accommodate practically any possible situation and storage need.

Any Type of Storage – We’ve Got It.

Here is what we have to offer:

–       Storage in Transit (SIT) – Temporary Storage

–       Personal (residential) Storage

–       Business (commercial) Storage

–       Portable

–       Full Service

–       Student

All of our services are designed to deliver the highest levels of safety and security for your belongings. Regardless of the type of service you may need, all items are stored indoors in our high security, commercial grade, and controlled environment warehouse.

When your belongings arrive at our warehouse, they will be placed inside one or several of our specially designed breathable wooden vaults. The vaults are designed to provide not only an additional layer of security, but the best possible environment for storage of your belongings.

Each vault is numbered with its own and unique ID and the location of each vault is stored in our database system. This allows us to know the location of your belongings within or vast warehouse and provide you additional services such as FREE warehouse access with just a 2-hour notice (available for self service, full vault access only).

Our warehousing operations are conducted in conjunction with and under the supervision of Box-n-Go – a premier self-storage and mobile storage provider in Southern California. It is based on their operational expertise and many years of experience we can offer our storage services and confidently guarantee the best quality and service of any storage facility out there.

(855) 603-6683

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