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When we come to move your home or business, we want to move you, not just your furniture and boxes. We know that moving is a lot more than just boxes and a truck. Many additional moving services are required. When you move you have to pack. Make arrangements for moving the utility services. Ensure the proper protection for your valuables, disconnect appliances, TVs, computers, etc. This is why My Moving Guys has a host of moving services for you to choose from. This will allow you to customize your moving experience just the way you want. Because each client’s move has unique requirements  and you may require some special attention. That’s why we have extra moving services available, including:

  • Moving boxes delivery ahead of the moving day
  • Packing and unpacking
  • Appliance services
  • TV removal and installation
  • Storage pod loading services
  • Painting/Handyman services
  • Maid cleaning and disposal
  • Vehicle transportation
  • Logistics services

Our moving consultants will work with you to determine your moving services needs and the ways we can help you with your move. Here are more specifics on what we can do:

Moving boxes delivery ahead of the moving day

Most people prefer to do their own packing to save on the moving costs. So, if you think you are up to the packing challenge, you can buy any size/type boxes and other packing materials from us. We will have them delivered to your home or business ahead of time. Come the moving day your movers will not have to spend the time packing your belongings.

Packing and unpacking

If you do not want to do your own packing – no worries. We can send a team of professional packers to pack and/or unpack your belongings into the boxes specifically designed for the items you have. Typically the packing is scheduled to be done few days ahead of the moving day so that it can be handled in an organized manner, safely and efficiently.

Appliance services

Typically it is your responsibility to disconnect the appliances you may have in your home and prepare them for the move. This may include emptying the refrigerator, securing the doors, disconnecting the water, drain and gas lines. If you prefer other take care of this work for you, we can make the arrangements to service all your appliances before the move and prepare them as required, as well as connect them in your new home. The choice is yours.

TV removal and installation

The plat panel TVs and home theater components need not only be disconnected and, in most cases, taken off their wall mounting, they also need to be prepared for handling and placed in protective cases. If you saved the original manufacturers box and packaging, these are often the best and most economical way to handle the TV and components. However, if you do not have the original packaging, we can offer you a specialty boxes or even build the custom crates for you. We can also schedule a specialist to remove and re-install your wall mount TVs and components.

Storage pod loading services

If your moving plan includes storage, we can make all the necessary arrangements for you. If you made your own arrangements, we can provide a specially trained crew to load your items into the storage pod or truck.

Painting/Handyman services

If your home is in need of some small repairs and touch up paining, either upon move out in order to preserve the security deposit, or before the move in, we can schedule a handyman specialist to take care of those items for you.

Maid cleaning and disposal

Should you need help with a thorough, professional home cleaning before move in, wash the carpets clean, dispose of the left over items, etc., we can schedule a professional maid and cleaning crew to take care of these tasks for you.

Vehicle transportation

If you are moving out of state and do not want to drive your car to your new location, we can arrange for your car to be transported by a professional vehicle transportation company.

Logistics services

Should you need help with various deliveries while your business is on the move, we can schedule our trucks to pick up the slack for you.

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