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Commercial and Business Storage Solutions

My Moving Guys provides a complete storage solution program designed to fit the needs of companies that require and utilize storage.

Instead of leasing more office space, reduce your business costs and avoid long-term lease commitments by renting a storage space. You can easily adjust your storage size for changing levels of seasonal and promotional materials, company records, sales samples and inventories. We offer the following for commercial and business storage solutions:

–       Immediate Availability. We can provide you with service required when and where you need it.

–       Online Account Access – we offer an easy way to manage your account online 24/7, make payments, order services, reservations, etc.

–       Knowledgeable and Friendly Staff – Our employees strive to make your storage experience friendly and convenient. Let us know what need you have and we will offer you the custom tailored solution.

–       Monthly Billing – automatic or invoiced

–       Flexible Sizing – our modular storage units allow you to build as large or as small of a storage space as necessary to precisely accommodate your needs. No need to pay for the space you do not use.

–       Security – Enjoy the storage facility with the highest degree of security and zero break in history.

–       Package Acceptance – we can accept packages on your behalf so your employees do not have to spend their time delivering the packages here.

–       Delivery Service – whether you need one file box or the contents of the entire storage unit we can deliver what you want to your location, so your employees do not have to do it (while risking injuries and higher insurance costs)

–       Drive-up Units – Pull right up to your unit when accessing. Simple, convenient and easy

Discover how our commercial or business storage solutions can help you grow your business

Our storage warehouse consolidation provides you with an affordable and flexible way to grow your business. Since you only pay for the storage space and labor that your company uses, your storage expenses adjust to your company’s storage needs. This is especially beneficial for companies with high and low inventory seasons. It also enables your business facilities to be streamlined for your business rather than occupied by piles of inventory or archived records.

Looking for a safe and convenient way to store your tradeshow booth and marketing materials? We provide a specialty crate to store all your specialty items. We can even ship it to your trade show hall and back. Our professional staff will handle all your logistics. You tell us when and where you want your crate shipped and we’ll make sure it’s there when you need it.

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