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Moving Kitchen and Laundry Room Appliances

Moving appliances from one home to another requires know-how and a great deal of coordination. Many everyday appliances require servicing, disconnecting and preparation before moving.  It’s helpful to know your role in preparing the appliances so there won’t be any surprises come moving day. My Moving Guys will do all of the heavy work — the actual transporting of your appliances from your home into the moving truck and then safely out of the truck into your new residence. However, the preparation of major appliances and other home furnishings is an important activity for you to schedule. Most preparations include thorough cleaning, proper knowledge of how to disconnect the appliances and how to prepare them for shipment so nothing gets damaged while in transit. Depending upon the item, special precautions may be required.

As these are not responsibilities of the moving company, a third-party provider can be extremely helpful in performing these tasks. Movers usually refer to these tasks as APPLIANCE SERVICING. “Servicing” means preparing appliances so they will safely withstand handling during transit or while in storage. This process can include bracing a washer tub, disconnecting an ice maker, capping off a gas line, and special handling of satellite dish components.

Here is the general break down of the responsibilities when it comes to moving the household appliances as outlined in MAX4 Tariffs governing all the moves within the State of California:

The appliance service company representative

Prepares the appliances for safe handling prior to transit and/or shipment.

The gas company service representative

Disconnects gas lines and caps the pipes.

The moving company

Provides personnel for careful, efficient handling of appliances during a move. Every effort is made to ensure that appliances reach destination safely. Will, upon request by the owner or the authorized agent, arrange for any servicing required. However, the moving company does not automatically assume this responsibility.

It’s your responsibility to:

•           take care of these preparations yourself

•           hire an appropriate technician

Upon request, My Moving Guys will gladly hire a third-party service to help you with any or all of the tasks of preparing appliances for moving as moving companies DO NOT:

•           Disconnect appliances or utilities (ice maker, washer, dryer, etc.) or reconnect them in the new residence

•           Repair appliances

•           Remove window air conditioning units or TV antennas

•           Perform wiring, plumbing, electrical, or carpentry services

Remember, as the owner you will assume responsibility for having appliances properly serviced, both at origin and destination. It is best to have a reputable service representative prepare appliances for moving at least one day before they are to be loaded on the van.

You may authorize the moving company to arrange for appliance servicing. This is an accessories or third-party service which will be added to the Bill of Lading as an additional cost or advanced charge.

Preparation of major appliances

Thorough cleaning and drying of appliances, particularly the refrigerator, freezer and range, are necessary. This is especially important if they will be in storage for any length of time.

Cleaning instructions are included in the owner’s manual which accompanies new appliances. If no instructions are available, use a mild detergent solution. Or, use a solution of three quarts of warm water to which one tablespoon of vinegar has been added. Do not use harsh abrasives that will scratch or mar finishes. A soft cloth or vacuum cleaner will remove excess dust. Soft rags make excellent drying and polishing cloths.

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