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Moving Boxes and Supplies

My Moving Guys offers the highest quality moving boxes and packing supplies that are specifically designed for moving. Each of the moving boxes we sell is designed for a specific use.

Many companies sell cheap moving boxes, often used. These boxes may not be designed for moving or may have lost their design strength during the previous usage.

The moving boxes and moving supplies we offer to our customers are the same quality boxes and supplies we use ourselves. Our boxes are tested for strength and rated 32 ECT (Edge Crush Test), also known as a 200 lbs test.

You work very hard for your belongings. Why risk damaging them during moving or storage? Make sure that your valuables are well protected by using high quality cardboard boxes specifically designed for moving.

Our moving boxes are less likely to compress when stacked which is the leading cause of damages.

All of our moving boxes are made from 100% recycled materials and can be recycled again after use.

Most importantly, we offer 100% buyback guarantee. If you end up not using some of the boxes and supplies you purchase, just return them to us and we will refund the cost of these items back to you.

Buying moving boxes and packing supplies from my Moving Guys

While you can always get some used boxes from the nearby grocery store beware that these boxes often become weakened from the moisture or product spoilage. They often house insects.

Why would you want to take a risk by putting your valuables inside such moving boxes?

My Moving Guys offers reasonably priced new moving boxes and moving supplies that are designed for use by professionals. These boxes can be stacked so you would save money by utilizing all the available space inside the moving van or a storage room.

My Moving Guys offers a variety if high quality boxes and moving supplies that can be purchased and shipped to customers ahead of their moves. This allows our customers save money on supplies. Additionally, if customers do their own packing, they can save even more.

Why buy boxes and supplies from My Moving Guys?
Top Quality Moving Boxes Top quality made specifically for moving
Free Delivery Moving Boxes FREE delivery when purchasing the moving services
Moving Box Competitive Prices Competitive prices
Moving Boxes Buy Back Program If you do not use them, will buy them back

My Moving Guys offers for sale individual boxes, box bundles, moving kits and miscellaneous supplies.

How to pack properly for moving

There are many important points to consider when packing for moving. The key points are:

  1. You have to choose the right box for the items you are packing. Many people mistakenly believe that BIGGER is better, which isn’t true when it comes to moving or storing. They think they will save money by packing their home with the largest moving boxes they can find, which simply isn’t true. Use small moving boxes for heavy items like books, tools and canned foods.
  2. Pack all the way to the top. Full boxes are much stronger than half empty cartons.  If you pack your belongings in too large of moving boxes you will increase the likelihood of your belongings moving around inside and breaking.
  3. Label all boxes properly. This will save you lots of aggravation, time and costs.
  4. Use high quality packing tape to assemble and seal the boxes you pack. Many household tapes (like duct tape) do not adhere well to corrugated cardboard.

If you like to learn more, please read more moving and packing tips offered on our site.

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