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Maid Services

When it comes to moving there are many tasks to be done in preparation for a move as well as after the moving is done. Often the home you are moving out of needs to be cleaned after the move out in preparation for a sale. Often you need to clean the new home before you move into it. Here at My Moving Guys we understand that your service needs may be far beyond just the moving process itself. This is why we try and offer a variety of other services to help you. From a simple pack, unpack, and put-away need, to a complete full service, white glove cleaning of the kitchen and master bedroom, we can provide a trained and uniformed team to meet your maid service requirements.

Service Includes:

•           Maid Services

•           Carpet Cleaning

•           Debris Removal

Maid Services

Maid Service can be provided at origin or destination, and in many cases performed on both ends of the move. Origin maid service provides final clean-up of the home, while destination maid service provides settling in services which include, unpacking, putting items in cupboards and closets, and cleaning of their new home.

Outline of Move OUT services at Origin (typically performed after the movers have emptied the house of all furniture and packed boxes):

•           Typically 5-6 labor hours

•           Includes vacuuming of all floors, hard surfaces, stairs and carpets

•           Clean inside & outside of all appliances

•           Damp wipe & disinfect all sinks, tubs and countertops

•           Cleaning of window sills and window ledges

•           Removing all cobwebs

•           Vacuum, and dust ceiling fans and light fixtures

•           Damp wipe storage areas, inside & outside of cabinets and drawers

•           Vacuum louvered doors and wooden shutters

•           Empty all trash

Outline of Move IN Services at destination:

•           Typically 8-10 labor hours

•           Performed before the shippers household goods have arrived, during the move-in, or after the

•           shipment has arrived, depending on the shipper’s request & needs

•           Includes any or all of the above services PLUS

•           Unpacking and putting away of any items (for example – kitchen items, bathroom items, clothes

•           in dressers, making up beds, helping organize household set up).

Carpet Cleaning Services

We will verify all areas to be cleaned during a walk-through with the customer. We will provide an estimate prior to cleaning for approval. We clean and inspect our services with the customer to ensure 100-percent satisfaction.

Debris Removal Services

We will verify the location and quantity of all debris to be removed, and compare to the work order for accuracy prior to service. We will remove all cardboard and paper packing products from residence as part of the debris removal. We will take care to ensure that all items from all areas are removed as requested and the site is clean and free from loose paper or cardboard upon completion.



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